Our Story

Pat McIntosh is the Founder and co-owner of the Geneva Lake Brewing Company in Lake Geneva, WI.
After 25 years of pounding the corporate pavement, he retired early to pursue some of the finer things in life; craft beers.

Pat has called the Geneva Lake area home since 1980.  He received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Aurora University’s George William’s Campus on the shores of Geneva Lake. After completing his degree, Pat set out on his entrepreneurial quest to open the Geneva Lake Brewing Co.

As the Founder and Co-owner Pat spends his days collaborating alongside his son, and Head Brewer, Jonathan McIntosh. If you ask Pat how he’s enjoying life these days; he’d tell you one pint at a time.

Jonathan McIntosh is the co-owner and Head Brewer of the Geneva Lake Brewing Company in Lake Geneva, WI.

Jonathan made his start in the world of Craft Brewing at the ripe age of 21. He got his start with a passion for quality craft beer and a skill for perfecting
recipes in a “home brew” environment. In 2011 he attended courses at the Siebel Institute in Chicago, IL to further cultivate his brewing skills.

As co-owner and Head Brewer Jonathan is responsible for the recipe development of all Geneva Lake Brewing Company beers. When he is not
developing new recipes he is busy at work brewing. He can say with absolute certainty that he has the best job in the world.

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