Monthly Archives: September 2012

Fall 2012 Update

Now that we have four beers in circulation at 64 bars, are selling merchandise out of our tap room, and have enjoyed our first summer – you make ask “Whew! What will they do next?”

As of September 5th, 2012 we are officially on tap at 64 locations! You can also order kegs at your local liquor stores. As you know, our tap room is open for merchandise sales and we have are waiting on one more permit so we can open our tap room for beer tastings! Our tap room will be open this fall so check back for updates! Don’t forget all merchandise is avaliable to purchase online as well!

We are also going to begin experimenting with our bottling line so you can get your favorite brews in bottles soon! Also watch out for our special fall beer! We will debut it at the Beer and Spirits After Party at Champ’s on October 27th!

Check out our home page for an updated list of events we will be attending this fall! That ought to keep us busy for a little while. Stay tuned for many more updates in our fast progressing future!